Dr. Makala M. Austin, LCSW


Do you want to vent, talk , explore your inner thoughts , address your hurts...schedule your session today! My private practice is available 7 days a week. Whether , you are dealing with challenges at work, relationship difficulties, phases in life, trouble at school, or the past invading your present, threatening your future. I am here to help. One can have both religion/spirituality alongside therapy too!  You invest money to dress your outside, invest into healing your inside...Your health is your true wealth! What is " Therapy YOUR WAY!" ...I am happy you asked... I offer tele-health, walk and talk therapy , concierge therapy and traditional office settings. One may choose to use a mix of all 4 or, one that suits your lifestyle.  You do not want to get off work and drive to the therapist office, log into my . It is secure, HIPPA compliant and private. You may want to jump start a fitness routine , while addressing your inner conflicts schedule walk and talk, perhaps you want to discuss your challenges over lunch/dinner or have Starbucks, then schedule concierge want traditional therapy , in an office setting or a location near you ...schedule your appointment today! Where we provide therapy to fit your life schedule.  Here at "Therapy YOUR way",  we meet the client where you are in life. Whether you are a business professional, unemployed, student, spouse or single mingling.

Therapy is a big decision!  Man, woman, child or adult , young or older, regardless of your sexual orientation come see us~

Much of my job is to ask you questions, you may not have asked yourself, to help you think about yourself and your problems in a new way; so that you can get “unstuck” and “unlearn”.




Is a process through which clients work one-on-one with me in a safe, caring and confidential environment- to explore your feelings, beliefs, or behaviors...

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The goal is to learn skills to solidify your relationship such as open communication, problem solving and how to discuss differences rationally.

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I conduct this form of psychotherapy in a group setting , whereas clients meet to describe and discuss their problems together.

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This would include all the family or those that wish to participate. The treatment plan will depend on the situation. Family sessions can teach you skills to deepen family connections and get through stressful times.

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My Approach

In terms of locating my theoretical orientation in the context of the field, it can be thought of as an eclectic toolbox in the psychotherapy integration movement. My toolbox hosts many theoretical approaches to aide the client in achieving the wellness sought. My skills are grounded in a unified approach to the science of psychology that assimilates and integrates key insights from the major approaches (e.g., Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Solution Focused, Gestalt, Trauma Informed ) into a more coherent whole .

My frame provides the lens by which I listen to and organize the narratives and presenting problems of my clients. Life is hard sometimes-Especially when you are out here trying to live your best life. I am talking about having to look good, not smell bad, keep a job or get a job and clean a house, basically chew gum and walk at the same time.

While not snapping on individuals out here trolling you or have a breakdown in public.

It is crucial to have a safe space and time where the focus is on just you; where you can get insight and perspective of someone professionally trained to help get your mind right and find your balance.

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About me

What do you need to know about me? Well, I think when we meet you will find I am very easy to talk to, and very "down-to-earth." I know how hard it can be to come in and talk to a complete stranger about personal issues. But I think you will find that when you do, you'll find I can often help you to look at your matter in a new way.

I have a PhD and Master's degree. I am licensed in the state of Texas to independently practice. I have over 7 years experience as a therapist, I provide support and practical feedback to help you effectively address the challenges you are facing in your life. With compassion and understanding, I work with you to help you build on your strengths and attain the personal growth you are committed to accomplishing. Much of my job is to ask you questions you may not have asked yourself, to help you think about yourself and your problems in a new way, so that you can get "unstuck."

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Getting Help

The first step you achieved when you began thinking of seeing someone. The next step is to make the appointment. There is a strength in seeking assistance. It's not what you say to everyone else that determines your life it's what you whisper to yourself that has the greatest power- author unknown. Let's work together to change your narrative about yourself!

  1. Anxiety
  2. Self Esteem
  3. Depression
  4. Anger Management
  5. Stress

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