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What is Walk &Talk Therapy...Is it for You?

Walk and talk therapy offers the opportunity to experience counseling outside the therapy office! We meet at a designated outdoor location in the Sugarland/Richmond /Memorial area of Houston (either Memorial Park or Sugarland) if the weather is acceptable. In case of rain or extreme heat, we will meet discuss alternative plans. We walk for the full session ( 60 minutes). You can also choose to have an in-office session.

If you want to work smart, not hard, walk & talk is two birds- one stone.

We get that it’s hard to find time to take care of your mental health. And we get that it’s hard to find time to take get out and moving. We love walk & talk because it offers the best of both.

Frequently Asked Questions About Walk and Talk Therapy

Is walk and talk therapy confidential?

It does not offer the same level of assured confidentiality as when you’re meeting in a private office. However, from the outside it will appear as though you’re just walking and talking with a friend. Your therapist will be sure to be discreet. You will have a detailed conversation with your therapist about concerns over confidentiality before you begin walk and talk therapy.

What are the benefits of walk & talk therapy ?

• Some people find it’s easier to talk, process, and problem solve when they’re moving

• Physical activity has been shown to reduce depression, stress, and anxiety

• Moms- bring your baby or small child in the stroller, no need to get a sitter

• Pet Parents – Bring your leashed pet

What types of therapy concerns are best for walk & talk?

Walk & talk is suited for a variety of concerns. It can be a time to process life transitions, discuss stress and anxiety. It can help with depression.

• It’s a great fit for professionals who can’t seem to find time to fit it all in.

• It’s wonderful for Houston mothers who need to “get out” and get active.

• It’s great for individuals with health concerns who want to increase their physical activity.

Walk and talk is not appropriate for processing of trauma or other situations in which you feel like you need the freedom and confidentiality to express intense emotions. It is also not appropriate for certain treatments for OCD and panic disorder which require specific treatments.

Before your first walk and talk session, we will discuss its appropriateness to your treatment needs.

What pace do you walk?

You set the pace for each session so you can walk as quick or slow as works for you. We advise that you wear comfortable clothing.

How much does walk and talk therapy cost?

This therapy is not billed to your insurance this is a private pay only service. For more information email us [email protected]

How can I make an appointment for walk and talk therapy?

We do walk and talk therapy twice month. Email the office for more details. Not all therapists are offering walk and talk services at this time.

What our customers are saying

I feel very heard when I am in therapy with Dr. Austin

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Walk & Talk Prices

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